Lithgow Houdini
(Sylvia's Comet x Magic

[Coed Coch Madog x *Verity by Criban Victor])

Lithgow Houdini posing in-hand next to his dam showing his full near-side profile

Lithgow Houdini as a foal, with his dam.

Lithgow Houdini being trotted in-hand showing his full off-side profile from the front quarter Lithgow Houdini trotting in-hand showing his full off-side profile from front quarter

Houdini while at Grazing Fields Farm in MA.

(photos courtesy Mrs Ingersoll)
Lithgow Houdini posing in-hand, showing head and neck from near-side

Houdini at Bristol Pony Farm.

Lithgow Houdini closeup of his face during winter staring over a board fence


While at Bristol, Houdini produced: 
out of Lithgow Wishnik: Bristol Valentino
out of Bristol Little Egypt: Bristol Jade, Bristol Lotus and Bristol Houdini
out of Bristol Elan: Bristol Victorinna
out of Bristol Serendipity: Bristol Serafina

After leaving Bristol Pony Farm, Lithgow Houdini continued to produce at Glyn Magic. See breeder listing for details.

Pedigree - Lithgow Houdini:

Sylvia's Comet
*Criban Craven Comet Ceulan Comet
Craven Waif
*Criban Sylvia Craven Master Model
Craven Sprightlight
Coed Coch Madog Coed Coch Seryddwr
Coed Coch Mefusen
*Verity Criban Victor
Coed Coch Silian


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