Lithgow Wishnik
(*Cusop Sheriff x *Verity by Criban Victor)

Lithgow Wishnik being ridden in English tack

(photo courtesy Lou Franks)

Lithgow Wishnik under saddle in English tack showing head and neck from off-side
Lithgow Wishnik pausing in Western attire showing his full near-side profile Lithgow Wishnik shown in a western bridle, head and neck from near-side
Lithgow Wishnik and Molly Butler
Wishnik and Molly Butler of GlanNant Farm
Lithgow Wishnik shown in-hand (from off-side front - head and neck) Lithgow Wishnik shown in-hand at Louisiana State Fair 1977 (full off-side profile)
Lithgow Wishnik and Bristol Serendipity on a trail ride rubbing noses
Wishnik and daughter Bristol Serendipity
Lithgow Wishnik trotting freely shown from off-side full profile
Wishnik at 17 years and in foal
Lithgow Wishnik showing his neck and head in profile from near-side

 The last picture taken of Lithgow Wishnik at 32 years old.


Lithgow Wishnik was the cornerstone of our Section B breeding program. While at Bristol, she produced:
Bristol Serendipity by GlanNant Tango
Bristol Charlie's Angel by Bristol Sungod
Bristol Elan by *Coed Coch Ballog
Bistol Victor by *Coed Coch Ballog
Bristol Valor by Lithgow Gay Grenadier
Bristol Valiant by Ligthgow Gay Grenadier
Bristol Gypsy Rose by GlanNant Tango
Bristol Valentino by Lithgow Houdini
Bristol Victorio by RosMel Cotillion


*Cusop Sheriff
Cusop Call Boy Cusop Architect
Revel Cream
Coed Coch Brenhines Sheba Tan-Y-Bwlch Berwyn
Sian O'r Castell
Criban Victor Criban Winston
Criban Whalebone
Coed Coch Silian Tan-Y-Bwlch Berwyn
Coed Coch Seirian


Previous winners:
1998 - COED COCH PRYDYDDES, Glan Nant Farm, New York
1999 - DOLRHEDYN ROSE, Burgundy Farm
2000 - DUNTULM'S TWO STEP, Timbercreek Farm
2001 - FARNLEY LORGNETTE, Farnley Farm, Virginia
2002 - HOMESTEAD FLIRT, RosMel Farm, Texas



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