(excerpted from the WPCSA Sanctioned Show Rules)
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Article 101.1 Welsh Ponies, Section A – Not exceeding 12:2 hands high
General Character: Hardy, spirited and pony-like.

Color: Any color except piebald and skewbald.

Head: Small, clean-cut, well set on and tapering to the muzzle.

Eyes: Bold.

Ears: Well-placed, small and pointed, well up on the head, proportionately close.

Nostrils: Prominent and open.

Jaws and Throat: Clean and finely-cut, with ample room at the angle of the jaw.

Neck: Lengthy, well-carried and moderately lean in the case of mares, but inclined to be cresty in the case of mature stallions.

Shoulders: Long and sloping well back. Withers moderately fine, but not “knifey”. The humerous upright so that the foreleg is not set in under the body.

Forelegs: Set square and true, and not tied in at the elbows. Long, strong forearm, well-developed knee, short flat bone below the knee, pasterns of proportionate slope and length, feet well-shaped and round, hooves dense.

Back and Loins: Muscular, strong and well-coupled.

Girth: Deep.

Ribs: Well-sprung.

Hind Quarters: Lengthy and fine. Not cobby, ragged or goose-rumped. Tail well set on and carried gaily.

Hind Legs: Hocks to be large flat, and clean with points prominent, to turn neither inward nor outward. The hock not to be set behind a line from the point of the quarter to the fetlock point. Pasterns of proportionate slope and length. Feet well-shaped, hooves dense.

Action: Quick, free and straight from the shoulder, well away in front. Hocks well-flexed with straight and powerful leverage and well under the body.
Article 101.2 Welsh Ponies, Section B – Not exceeding 14:2 hands high
The general description of ponies in Section “A” of the Stud Book is applicable to those in Section “B”, but more particularly the Section “B” pony shall be described as a riding pony, with quality, riding action, adequate bone and substance, hardiness and constitution and with pony character.


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